Hiroshi Takahashi

Street Photographer


Bron in 1978, Tokyo. When I'm in childhood, I took photos my family and snaps. It was my first experiens to using camera and taking photos. I met PENTAX MZ-3 at camera shop, I was working at part time job. I got my camera, and started my work in 1998. After the time, I was using RICOH GR, SIGMA DP series. Now, I'm using FUJIFILM X-T4. I'm shooting cityscape and people in around Tokyo. Tokyo is growing up very fast. On the other side, Tokyo is loosing old style Tokyo. The city repeart destroy and re-birth. I can find new cultures, old cultures, new people, old people, new Tokyo, old Tokyo... These combinations, diversity are so interesting for me. Tokyo has that, so I can't stop shoot the attractive city.